How much money can you make as a freelancer? Freelancing guide for beginners

How much money can you make as a freelancer? Freelancing guide for beginners

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Let’s face it: the concept of rocking out of mattress, creating a ridiculously short travel for your pc and starting paintings seems like bliss.

But, running from home is not always as clean because it sounds, and each benefit is tempered with drawbacks.

These are the fine and worst elements of running as a freelancer.

Pros of freelancing

  1. Flexible running hours – You select out your hours, do business from home and paintings round your studies
  2. Good paintings-lifestyles balance – With no rules, you could take normal breaks and head out to look friends
  3. Control over your workload – You may be selective approximately which obligations to take on, so if a activity will take too lengthy, or would not pay nicely enough, there is no damage in rejecting it
  4. International clients – As the bulk of freelance paintings’s carried out online, freelancers can paintings with humans from across the world
  5. Potential to make a variety of cash – With the proper reputation, the quantity of cash you could earn is limitless.

Cons of freelancing

  1. Keeping up with tax – Filling out self-evaluation tax returns may be confusing, however our manual can assist
  2. Unstable income – You may must cope with overdue bills and it is now no longer usually clean to discover commissions
  3. Distractions at home – It can take a variety of area to now no longer procrastinate or spend too lengthy in mattress while you pick your personal hours
  4. Work is competitive – Plenty of humans could be making use of for the fine projects, so you may must paintings difficult to advantage enjoy and make your software stand out
  5. Working for your personal – As maximum of your paintings could be carried out for your tod at home, it is able to get lonely. Look for freelancing agencies on webweb sites like Facebook or Meet Up to discover different humans to kick back with whilst you paintings.

To keep away from getting cabin fever, and to live focused, we advise heading out to a espresso save and making the maximum of any unfastened WiFi you could discover. Public libraries also are amazing locations to paintings too.

Breaking up your obligations into bite-sized chunks and converting your workspace more than one instances an afternoon will assist you live clean and creative.

From the elegant to the ridiculous, quite plenty any ability may be utilised and offered through freelancing. These are a number of the excellent freelance roles for students:

Writing and translating

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If you are thinking the way to begin freelancing, writing and translation paintings might be the maximum handy kind of paintings to begin doing – specifically in case you‘re analyzing an essay-primarily based totally degree and spend maximum of your days writing anyway.

Freelance jobs on this subject are highly varied. You will be requested to write down weblog postscomplete eBooks (beneathneath the circumstance that a person else’s call seems at the front), product descriptions for on line stores, or maybe Facebook posts and tweets.

You may want to even strive your hand at freelance journalism, writing pitches to magazines, newspapers and different publications.

Just be conscious that a few publishers (even huge names) will try and take gain of your scholar reputation and anticipate you to paintings for loose. Ask approximately their quotes earlier than agreeing to write down for them.

Plus, in case you‘re fluent in any other language, translation paintings beckons. Some languages can earn you greater than others – one language may want to earn you over £50,000!

Desirable features of a contract author or translator

You’re a stickler for grammar, and love getting to know new, random things – inclusive of whether or not it is regular to have a mole in your penis, or wherein the excellent region to shop for a dishwasher is in Slough (both writing assignments we have got visible earlier than!).

Graphic layout

graphic design is my passion meme

Source: Onion Syrup – Know Your Meme

Design is a chunk greater of a difficult quarter to enroll in while you are beginning out as a freelancer. Not most effective do you want to personal a few enterprisegeneral software programhowever you want pinnacle skills and creativity to apply it to its complete capability and meet the needs of your clients.

You will be growing a emblem for a brand new begin-up company, animating videos, illustrating snazzy PowerPoint presentations, or maybe operating on advertisements with a view to seem in papers and magazines.

Desirable features of a contract picture designer

You’ve were given an amazing eye for element, a knack for computer systems and terrific layout skills.

Programming and IT

Two people using HTML

Credit: MIND AND I – Shutterstock

Programmers are the brains in the back of the web sites and apps all of us use each day. They’re tasked with constructing software program this is nicely-designed and smooth to apply for the everyday customer, and frequently need to write traces and features of code to make it happen.

As nicely as this, you would possibly provide digital IT support. Typical tasks encompass supporting web sites with their seek engine optimisation (SEO), which includes making them greater seen in seek engine results. Opportunities for analysing facts and handling databases are not unusualplace on freelance sites, too.

Desirable features of a contract programmer or IT specialist

You recognize how the net works, recognize true layout and you are terrific at brainstorming. Knowing languages inclusive of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a plus too (you may take loose on line publications with qualifications to analyze greater).

Admin support

Woman in call centre

Credit: Barclays

This enterprise has fierce competition. One of the maximum famous obligations is referred to as transcription, and this includes paying attention to recordings of conversations and typing them out. You may want to also be a part-time far flung non-public assistant – sporting a hoodie and joggers alternatively than dressing to impress.

The roles and obligations of an amazing digital assistant encompass answering telecellsmartphone calls from customers, making plans the boss’s agenda and reserving their journey arrangements, or appearing mild studies for his or her reference.

Desirable features of a contract admin assistant

People assume you are nicely organised – which means you are usually saddled with making plans events and faculty reunions. You’ve additionally were given terrific interest to element and pinnacle time-preserving skills.

Quirky freelance jobs

woman in front of board with tinder, grindr and bumble

It seems you may freelance as quite plenty anything (assuming you are true sufficient at anything you are selling).

If you are very professional in on line shopping, you may take notion from the scholar earning money from Instagramming celeb fashion.

Or, in case you fancy your self as a chunk of a Cupid, you may emerge as a person‘s Tinder coach.

Alternatively, why now no longer emerge as a popular culture coach and educate humans approximately your favored TV suggests and films? The dream, we know.

wolf of wall street

Credit: Paramount Pictures

In the freelance world, there are approaches of having paid – with the aid of using the hour, or with a constant fee for every project.

Unfortunately, while roles are remote, your competition for the first-class jobs are regularly from across the world. And, in the event that they stay in a growing financial system wherein it prices plenty much less to stayit could be not possible to compete with their fees and nevertheless get the minimal wage.

To stick out from the group and earn the price you deserve, you want to create a gripping software or pitch. If you own uncommon or superior skills, spotlight them to ability customers and you’ll be capable of command a better price as a result.

But, simply ensure you’ve got got sensible expectancies of the cash you can earn (sadly, now no longer many customers are inclined to pay £500/hour), and feature a browse of the present jobs on principal freelancing sites – see below.

WARNING: In go back for supporting you discover work, freelance companies take a reduce of your earnings. Make positive you are aware about the fee you may be paying, and upload those charges on pinnacle of anything you are quoting a client.

It’s first-class to keep away from running with customers who need to pay you outdoor of freelancing sites (except you understand them personally). It makes it simpler for them to sprint off into the sundown with out settling the bill, and you can be banned from making use of for brand new jobs with the aid of using the freelancing web website online for looking to keep away from their fees.

There are pretty some famous web sites for purchasing began out withinside the freelance world. Some concentrate on attracting people and customers for a specific industry, at the same time as others are extra generic.

Here are 4 of the first-rate webweb sites to locate freelancing paintings:

  1. Upwork

    upwork logo

    At the start of 2014, of the maximum famous freelancer web sites, Elance and oDesk, merged to create Upwork.

    Upwork has over 12 million registered freelancers and 5 million customers, making them one in every of the most important offerings in their kind.

    They host the whole lot from hourly-paid gigs with start-ups, to large tasks with a few significantly excessive-profile customers, too.

    The internet site is certainly clean and clean to navigate. Plus, you get masses of data approximately what customers are searching out in postings which makes it a good deal less difficult to write your application.

    Biggest advantage: Upwork has a steady price safety device which guarantees you are continually paid for the paintings you do. Clients ship price to Upwork earlier than the activity begins, and the employer maintains the cash secure and steady so neither of you could get admission to it with out the different‘s permission. Once the activity is completed and approved, the coins hits your account.

    Biggest drawbacks: Upwork fees provider costs of 20% whilst your lifetime income with a consumer are below $500 (round £380*), then 10% on lifetime income up to $10,000 (approximately £7,600*), then five% on figures above that, which aren’t the first-rate rates.

    They additionally provide a weird ‘provider‘ to customers hiring for hourly-paid paintings – they ship a image of freelancers’ displays each 10 mins to make certain they may be running for his or her cash. Pretty patronising!

    * Prices accurate on the time of writing. 

    Visit Upwork »

  2. Freelancer

    freelancer logo

    Freelancer is a quite honest internet site to apply. It’s clean to sign on and you could listing up to twenty of your capabilities as soon as registered. Then, it appears for jobs that suit your talents.

    Biggest advantage: You can see exactly how a good deal humans are bidding to paintings on a assignment – a function which isn’t always normally visible on different webweb sites. It permits you to be aggressive and spot what skilled competitors generally charge.

    Biggest drawback: Again – costs! Freelancer takes 10% of your hourly charge and 10% (or £3.50 – whichever is greater) of your fixed-fee assignment costs. They additionally run ‘contests’ wherein customers obtain a couple of submissions for a assignment, and simplest pay for the only they like (complete charge data here). It sounds amazing for the buyer, however freelancers threat doing a number of paintings for no reward.

    Visit Freelancer »


    people per hour logo is a brilliant pleasant employer. At one factor they have been even inviting freelancers to apply the desks of their office – first-rate touch!

    You’ll frequently see customers on PeoplePerHour pointing out how a good deal they may be inclined to spend for a assignment. The pay’s usually now no longer bad, and we as soon as noticed a activity which concerned coining a brand new slogan for a employer. Their budget? A cool £287.

    Biggest advantage: If you are a medium or excessive earner, you might not pay an excessive amount of commission. For income between £250 and £five,000, there may be a charge of 7.five%, and all income above which have a charge of simply 3.five%.

    Biggest drawback: For lower-incomes tasks, the costs are quite hefty. When you are paid much less than £250 from a consumeryou may be charged a 20�e.

    Visit PeoplePerHour »

  4. Fiverr

    fiverr logo

    The 3 webweb sites above are likely the primary contenders on your quest for freelancing paintings. But there may be a final, quirky webweb page it’s surely really well worth a mention – and it’s Fiverr.

    This webweb page began out out as a marketplace, wherein humans round the arena ought to provide their offerings (or ‘gigs’) for the princely sum of $five (approximately £4*). Examples include:

    • “I will create a cinematic film trailer for $five
    • “I will write a message underwater for $five
    • “I will do a voiceover of one hundred phrases as an Australian character for $five“.

    As you could see, a number of the duties are pretty surprising, however that is amazing as it helps you to get creative.

    Since the webweb page turned into first set up, a number of humans have began out charging extra than $five for his or her offerings. As a Fiverr seller, you could provide Basic, Standard and Premium applications with various degrees of provider or speed.

    It’s first-rate to provide the maximum primary degree of your offerings for $five. From here, you could provide accessories for any fee you wish, like a quick turnaround for $20 (approximately £15*), or an extended video or article.

    Biggest advantage: Fiverr helps you to do freelance gigs in quite a good deal any field, doing pretty much whatever imaginable.

    Biggest drawback: This webweb page has costs of 20% – so in case you charged £50 for a activityyou would ought to give £10 of it immediately again to Fiverr.

    Visit Fiverr »

Let’s say you earn £800 in a month. From largest to smallest, here’s how much each of the four featured freelance sites would see you take home after you’ve paid the site their fee:

  1. £740
  2. Freelancer*: £720
  3. Upwork**: £720
  4. Fiverr: £640.

* 10% fee based on fixed-price project
** Exchange rate of $500 to around £380 correct at the time of writing; fee based on earnings from a single client

Although would charge the lowest fees for these earnings, remember that they (like Upwork) calculate their fees in brackets like a tax system. So, it’s worth considering how much you plan to work before choosing which site to find work on.

Please note that, while Fiverr’s flat rate of 20% might seem like a real turn-off, the site has its own merits to potentially outweigh the fees. It’s arguably the best place to go if you’re selling a quirkier service, so the extra business it can bring in may be worth it.


To get paintingsyou will want to make a stand-out profile and proposals (comparable to activity applications) for the possibilities you locate on freelancing webweb sites.

For the application, there might be numerous sections so that you can fill in. Getting this proper is crucial – specially in case you‘re a expert writer – due to the factin lots of ways, this is the maximum critical pattern you will ever offer to a potential consumer.

These strategies assist you to write the great viable freelance profile:

  1. Highlight your strengths to capability customers

    Anchorman big deal

    Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

    Unlike courting profilesyou are completely entitled to blow your very own trumpet on a freelancing site.

    Don’t be afraid to namedrop the customers you’ve got labored with previously, and consist of charges from their remarks withinside the introductory paragraph. Showing proof of your full-size revel in will inspire customers to take you seriously.

  2. Provide extremely good freelance paintings

    Even in case you write the world’s great profile, no person can pay interest when you have an extended records of one-big name and two-big name reviews – so do not tackle an excessive amount of paintings too soon, and do each activity to perfection.

    Once an undertaking is complete, (politely!) spark off your consumer to write down a testimonial. If you control to get plenty of five-big name remarks at the start of your freelancing career, it becomes less complicated and less complicated to select out up new paintings. The first few weeks are usually the hardest.

  3. Show your persona in freelance proposals

    friends throwing glitter confetti

    Credit: Jacob Lund – Shutterstock

    Just due to the fact you are running remotely, it is nonetheless actually critical to be personable.

    Share information approximately your extracurricular interests in addition to your paintings skills – in case you‘re superb at gambling the bassoon or you are a gold medallist archer, do not be afraid to mention so and display your a laugh side. Clients on freelancing webweb sites are hardly ever stuffy, and love a great persona.

  4. Get confirmed on freelance webweb sites

    It’s quite not going that you will meet maximum of your customers, making it hard for them to confirm your credentials.

    Thankfully, many freelancing webweb sites can do that for your behalf via way of means of checking your qualifications and geographical location. Once you’ve got accomplished this, you will get a big, brilliant tick subsequent in your name.

    Also do not forget taking flair assessments in your preferred vicinity of freelancing – short, 40-minute assessments on such things as your Photoshop knowledge, coding skills, modifying talents and spelling prowess. The effects then seem for your profile, and in case you‘re lucky, you may be withinside the pinnacle 1%!

  5. Keep your freelance profile brief

    Jim Carrey Bruce Almighty typing fast

    Credit: Universal Pictures

    Bearing all the above factors in mind, make a concerted attempt to maintain your profile concise and to the point. If a consumer has shortlisted 10 viable providers, they do not need to examine a 2,000-phrase profile each time.

    Boil your web page right all the way down to the maximum critical factorsand punctiliously cherry-select out the samples blanketed for your portfolio.

Also, we lied. There are actually six factors to the correct freelance profile.

The final one is to CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. Even the slightest typo undermines your credibility, specially in case you‘re vying for writing and modifying paintings. It may also sound obvious, however you’ll be amazed what number of human beings do not take the time to very well proofread their profile.

Now – you have got the profile, an concept of what you need to freelance in, and an expectation of the way tons cash you need to earn. But how do you steady that elusive process provide?

These are the 4 high-quality approaches to win paintings as a freelancer:

  1. Choose a contract club stage which fits you

    Man looking happy at laptop

    Credit: bbernard – Shutterstock

    Some freelancing webweb sites provide exceptional ranges of club for sellers.

    For those who do, a loose club will probably restriction you to sending out only a few process packages in keeping with month. Buying a subscription permits you to ship dozens, boosting your probabilities of having commissioned to do freelance paintings.

    Typically, the price of club could be much less than you may earn for simply one process (relying on what line of labor you are in, of course). As paid memberships will can help you observe to masses extra jobs, the price ought to nicely be really well worth it in case you assume to get plenty done.

  2. Be selective approximately freelance jobs

    Find customers who’ve been fantastically specified at some point of their description. This permits you to personalise your response, and display them that you’ve got paid interest to their requirements.

    And, on that note, do not be afraid to invite questions if some thing appears doubtful in an advert. You do not need to begin a task, most effective to discover it’s very exceptional than you’ll expected…

  3. Consider backed proposals

    woman studying

    For a fee, a few webweb sites can help you ‘sponsor’ your application – this indicates you could seem on the pinnacle of the listing of proposals the purchaser sees.

    The price can upload up, however while you remember what number of packages a purchaser gets, they possibly are much more likely to move for a person who makes use of a backed thought.

    You’ll discover that this advertising and marketing method could be worthwhile while you‘re first seeking to get noticed, however make certain that your thought and profile are in pinnacle shape. There’s no factor paying greater to attract their interest to a rushed application.

  4. Personalise each application

    The one factor you should never, ever do while you‘re making use of for freelance paintings (or doing any process application, for that matter) is locate the same, established assessment of your self for each role.

    Clients can spot copy-and-paste jobs a mile off, and that they frequently use little tests (like asking freelancers to apply a mystery phrase of their application) to make certain candidates pay interest. If you’ve got got an individualistic approach, it proves you care and improves your probabilities.

Woman at laptop

Before taking over any commissions, take be aware of those suggestions for you to assist you keep away from not unusualplace errors as a freelancer:

  • Keep up with tax and National Insurance – Try saving 20% of your earnings, as that must cowl the quantity you will owe withinside the new tax year (beginning in April). Our easy manual to tax explains the process, and in case you experience you are overpaying, test out our manual to getting a rebate.
  • Look out for dodgy customers – Always use a third-celebration freelancing webweb page (or fee method) while possible, and make certain you recognize precisely how an awful lot you will earn for a process upfront.
  • Don’t do unlawful jobs – This sounds obvious, however there are a few jobs (e.g. enhancing motion pictures for a porn webweb page or maybe writing erotic novels) that may get you into hassle if they are now no longer completely legit.
  • Never offer unfastened samples – Many freelancing webweb sites forbid their talent (it is you!) from dispensing unfastened samples. Instead, you could with courtesy ask to be employed for the pattern handiest at first. This we could customers determine whether or not to keep together along with your offerings afterwards.
  • Avoid profit-sharing opportunities – Clients who try and provide you a proportion of the income from a website (rather than a price to your difficult paintings) are typically bluffing approximately their “first-rate opportunity” and must be prevented just like the plague.
  • Don’t get swayed via way of means of freebies – Some freelancing offerings provide extremely good freebies which includes complimentary commercial enterprise playing cards and closely discounted get admission to to workspaces. But handiest permit this have an effect on your selection if the rate is right, and if you will surely employ them.
  • Get repeat paintings with properly customers – When you end a ventureyou may provide a reduction of 5–10% off your fee in the event that they rent you again. Clients love a bargain, and it is extra coins on your pocket with out looking for new paintings! And recall to invite properly customers for a testimonial.
  • Ask for bylines – Some customers may not intend to consist of your call together along with your posted paintingshowever it is outstanding essential to invite. If you’ve got got a byline (your call covered as author/creator), you could consist of the paintings on your portfolio.
  • Use freelancing gear – Skype and Dropbox may be essential – in particular for sharing updates and documents with customersDictaphones are extremely good for recording conferences and interviews (in particular beneficial for freelance journalists/PR). You can also test out venture control gear like Trello or Basecamphowever freelance webweb sites generally tend to have comparable capability now.

When you’ve got finished your work (and given your self a pat at the back) you will need to withdraw your hard earned coins. Most freelance webweb sites provide you with a plethora of choices, however every provide professionals and cons.

These are the maximum not unusualplace charge strategies to apply while taking flight freelance earnings:

  • PayPal – The charge is quite quick, and PayPal gives a further layer of security. But if you are being paid in dollars, the alternate rates may be pretty brutal. Despite this, it is the charge choice we might suggest as it is the least hassle, maximum safe, and the quickest through a rustic mile.
  • Wire transfer – Getting budget despatched instantly in your financial institution is possible, however it is now no longer as easy as PayPal to set up, arguably now no longer as secure, and a few webweb sites rate you each time you are making a transfer.
  • Cheque – The maximum time-ingesting method. Sure, you stay away from more prices howevernow no longer best do you regularly should look ahead to the cheque to reach withinside the post (so as to take a truthful whilst from global clients), you will additionally should wait some days earlier than it is processed and finally in your financial institution account.
  • Prepaid card – Some freelancing webweb sites provide pay as you go cards which allow you to attract coins instantly out of your account on their website. However, you will should pay expenses for each transaction you are making – and count on to be stung on every occasion you withdraw coins from an ATM.

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