Your First Earning From Blogging – How To Make Money Online

Your First Earning From Blogging – How To Make Money Online

Most people, when they try to make money online, overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

That is why I often tell brand new bloggers to focus on the first $100 rather than the $100K figure.

That said, how was it possible, that we could create a brand new blog and only 30 days later, have already earned over $5000?

Today’s post will answer that question.

Step 1) How To Come Up With Website Ideas | Solve a Problem

At IncomeDiary we focus on the make “money online niche”.

Making money online is something that interests a lot of people, from many different demographics.

As soon as we started we had people ask us how to start their first blog.

And once they had started their blog, how could they make money from it?

Some even asked us to build websites for them.

There was a PROBLEM that people wanted help in SOLVING!

From the responses we where getting and our own research it was clear there was a demand.

But how do we make money from this demand?

In the case of IncomeDiary we knew a lot of our income would come from affiliate links.

That is where we started.

If you are a first time blogger you will need a domain, hosting, blog design, email list management.

Fortunately there are plenty of affiliate programs for services like this and in any case we needed all these services ourselves.

As an example if someone signed up for a domain, hosting and a blog design through our affiliate links, we would earn $100.

All we needed to do was convince 50 people to follow our advice and we would earn $5000.

Better still we where recommending products and services that we where using ourselves!

In blogging as in all business having a plan is essential.

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power ~ Brian Tracy”

All we needed to do now was estimate / work out how much traffic we would need in order to accomplish our goal for month one!

We are simplifying the calculations here a little – not everyone will need a domain or hosting for example – some will purchase more services, some will purchase less.

But for the purpose of planning these where good starting points.

Of course your niche may be entirely different from Make Money Online – but for just about every niche there is be affiliate programs you can promote to your readers.

As an aside, our sister site – covers a completely different niche to IncomeDiary – but when it started out, it used exactly the same strategy as IncomeDiary to get its first income – great content combined with affiliate income!

Step 2) To Make Money Online – Take Action

Now that we had an idea, we had to create a website.

This is an easy step, something that only took a few hours. I go over this in detail on this page.

Step 3) To Make Money Online – Build a Brand

Branding isn’t some thing loads of humans suppose lots of.

But branding is vital. It’s what a person thinks approximately your internet site.

When humans suppose IncomeDiary, we need them to suppose, authority internet site that teaches humans the way to make cash online.

To acquire this, we did some things:

Domain Name

You need it to be smooth to remember, smooth to spell and also you need or not it’s a .com.

When I create a internet site, I don’t start till I actually have located a site that I suppose is right enough.

Sometimes it makes experience to shop for a site that has already been registered from a Domain Broker.

For example, turned into offered for $a hundred from a blogger.

And we paid $2000 for our sister site – – thru a site broker.

Blog Design

If your weblog doesn’t appearance good, it displays badly to your brand. I’m now no longer pronouncing you need to spend loads of cash, we didn’t.

We commenced with shopping for a top class subject matter for $eighty and getting a custom emblem created. We stored the internet site easy and smooth to understand.

It’s additionally vital to select out a good shadeation scheme in your site. When a person sees the inexperienced shadeation we use, I need them to suppose (I additionally desired them to suppose cash!)

Create Top Lists (examine earlier than you scroll beyond this)

Now I recognise maximum humans recognise what a pinnacle listing is, however you want to recognise what posts we created, why we created them and the way they inspired our brand.

Some examples of the pinnacle lists we created:

  • 30 Top Earning Blogs
  • 30 Top Earning Websites
  • 50 Most Influential People in Blogging
  • 20 People Who Started As Bloggers, Who Are Now So Much More!

Creating those posts, made us stand out as an expert at the subject.

If we’re the internet site to determine which bloggers are the maximum influential, then we need to recognise plenty approximately blogging.

Step 4) To Make Money Online – Create Compelling Content

To make money, we first of all needed to get site visitors. To get site visitors, we needed to first of all create exciting content.

We have spoken plenty about growing content.

The method for buying lots of site visitors from running a blog is simple – create first rate content.

Look at this publish as an example:

  • The situation of the publish is some thing human beings are seeking to examine about
  • Over 2000 words (common web page on first web page of proper is over 2000 words)
  • It’s smooth to examine (checked spelling, grammar, publish styling)
  • Headline attracts the reader in
  • It affords actual cost
  • Post pix upload to cost of the publish

The 10 posts that obtained the maximum site visitors withinside the first few months have been all pinnacle listing articles.

Looking back, their become little or no site visitors going to any posts that have been now no longer pinnacle lists or interviews.

One massive advantage from writing pinnacle listing posts and interviewing government for your industry, is the quantity of hyperlinks and social media stocks you get. Often whilst we write a publish announcing that a person is one of the maximum influential bloggers withinside the world, they need to hyperlink to it on their webweb page, as it allows with their personal brand.

All those hyperlinks and stocks inform Google that we’re a super webweb page and that they need to rank our posts better of their seek engine.

You can see how our site visitors might spike whenever we posted a pinnacle listing on our webweb page:

Step 5) How To Make Money Online – The No Leakage Rule

The no leakage rule is whilst you create a internet site in a manner that both a reader symptoms and symptoms up for what you’re promoting, or they go away your internet site.

Let me provide an explanation for further:

The aim of IncomeDiary is to get human beings to enroll in our electronic mail list. Now to fine accomplish this, we want to hold distracts to a minimum.

That approach having no banner ads, no blogroll, no pinnacle commenters hyperlinks and so on…

If a internet site tourist is leaving our internet site to study an advertiser, they’re now no longer signing up for our electronic mail list.

It’s the equal cause we don’t need to hyperlink to visitor bloggers at the lowest of weblog posts, due to the fact if our traffic are finding out their internet site, they’re now no longer signing up for our list.

Step 6) Make Money Online – Blog Funnel System

This is all approximately getting your traffic to move wherein you need them to move, or shall I say, the way to funnel them for your preferred location.

The aim of our weblog is to get human beings to enroll in our electronic mail list.

That is how we make the bulk of our money.

To accomplish this, we get the bulk of our subscribers thru a popup using OptiMonk. Read this publish on: how we use OptiMonk.

The longer a person remains at the site, the much more likely they’re to subscribe and for us to make money.

Step 7) Make Money Online – Free eCourse

When we commenced IncomeDiary, now no longer a whole lot of bloggers have been giving incentives for signing as much as a mailing listing.

Those that did, regularly gave loose eBooks.

I favored the concept of a loose eBook however there has been one problem.

I desired readers to do so and in the event that they acquired to plenty statistics all at once, they might experience beaten and might be much less possibly to comply with my guide.

So instead, we determined to break up up what we desired to train and provide it to subscribers over 7 days.

We known as it: 7 Day Free eCourse To Creating Your First Profitable Blog

I might provide an explanation for to everybody signing up that “You might also additionally ought to spend a few cash in case you need to make a few cash” – now no longer a whole lot of cash only a little in case you truely desired to be extreme approximately blogging. (Less than $100). I blanketed unique gives on domains and gives on web website hosting which includes get your first months web website hosting for 1 cent and coupon codes. (People love coupon codes)

This labored amazingly nicely.

Pretty plenty one of the motives it labored so nicely turned into due to the fact I confirmed my readers precisely what I’m doing. I turned into now no longer asking them to do whatever that I had now no longer finished myself.

It’s additionally crucial to factor out that I turned into fixing a particular problem. I wasn’t truely seeking to assist humans end up higher bloggers.

Setting up a Autoresponder

Once humans opted in and joined my eCourse, the auto-responder might begin sending them an e-mail each day for a week.

The direction turned into very plenty step via way of means of step – “Day One, putting in your weblog” – “Day Two, including a subject and customizing your weblog,” – Day Three: monetizing” etc

Every day subscribers might sit up for the subsequent addition. Often I might get humans e-mail me saying, “Hey, is there any risk I can get Day Two now, instead of wait till tomorrow?”

Subscribers took movement straightaway. I informed them, “Look, take movement in this today, after which you’ll be equipped to do tomorrow’s assignment.”

Marketing Your eCourse

Another big advantage of getting a squeeze web page, or a separate web page on WordPress committed in your loose direction, is humans have a hyperlink they could proportion with buddies in the event that they desire to endorse it. It is high-quality while humans Tweet matters like “Check Out IncomeDiary’s Free Blogging eCourse” and hyperlink to this web page.

This additionally supposed I should stated this web page in my weblog posts – for instance if I did a Top 30 Bloggers listing I might end it with a hyperlink says: “Follow of their footsteps, take a look at out my loose direction”.

The signup web page have become so famous that it turned into the 0.33 maximum visited web page at the site.

Step 8) Make Money Online – Selling Your Own Product

Once a person has long gone via our eCourse, we need them to be thinking, WOW, that turned into amazing, I can’t trust that turned into loose.

If they assume this, then while we inform them that we’ve got a paid club site, they could simplest consider how exact it should be.

When developing merchandise to promote on IncomeDiary, we reflect onconsideration on what our readers maximum need.

The largest struggles of recent bloggers is getting visitors and making cash.

For us, getting visitors has constantly been clean. And if it’s clean for us, definitely we are able to make it clean for our readers. So we created an eBook known as Traffic Domination that’s a blueprint to getting over 100,000 traffic a month from pinnacle listing articles.

We additionally use to provide a schooling software known as Site Profit Domination which confirmed our clients in element how we have been monetizing our blogs.

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